Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

January Favourites and my thoughts about Anti-Aging.

Today I want to show you some things I discovered and fell in love with in january.
I try to reduce my stock of beauty products, be more aware of what I'm using and what's good for me. But from time to time some nice little things sneak into my bathroom.

You'll might find it odd that I'm using anti-aging products since I am ONLY 26 years old. But for me "anti-aging" is hardly more than a word. Let me explain why:

There is no such thing like a cream that can make wrinkles go away, lift your skin and make you look younger with magical ingrediences in a few days. Whatever the commercials are trying to tell us.

So most Anti-Aging Creams are nothing more than good moisturizers (AA-products are often very rich), sometimes with SPF (to avoid sun spots and pigmented moles). Because this is all a skin needs to stay as much in place as it is possible during an aging process.

And get used to that: We all WILL become old and grey and wrinkly. That's how life goes. We can just try to pamper our skin as good as possible to avoid things that can be avoided: wrinkles from dryness and little moisture, damages by the sun and dullness because of too many dead cells.

So all we need to do is to moisturize, exfoliate in a soft way (Vitamin C, BHA), put on SPF (at least 15-20. You'll never get the sun screen that is written on the label. To really achive a declared SPF of 15 you would have to put ONE CENTIMETER (in height) of lotion on ONE CENTIMETER of skin. Noone does, so we'll get a SPF of approximately 8.), use antioxidants from inside and outside to catch free radicals and keep them from destroy our cells and drink, drink, drink. Our skin can work better with moisture/water from inside than with what we put on her outside.

My 2 pence on anti-aging;-)

1. Anti-Aging Vitamin Goji Berry Day Cream and Goji Berry Night Cream by Alverde

I used to have some problems with organic skincare. I still can't tell you why, but there are several possible reasons: too much alcohol, too much beewax, glycerine, sweet almond oil. After testing dozens of products I discovered this line by Alverde - and it is brillant: Though it contains glycerine (what I usually try to avoid) my skin doesn't break out at all.
It is completely vegan (no beewax!) and contains Goji berries (or "Wolfberries" ,known for their nutrient value and antioxidant content), kiwi, grapes and sallow thorn (Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C!). The ingrediences can improve the skins ability to regenerate and fight free radicals. It is perfect for people 30+, but my 26 year old skin loves it aswell;-) It is not greasy at all, smoothes the skin, smells gorgous and it comes in hygienic tubes.

You get 50 ml for only 2,99 €!

2. Balea Q10 anti wrinkle mask

I really like Balea as a brand. They are low-prized, do not test on animals and their stuff mostly really works.
The Q10 mask by Balea contains some mystical Q10 and Omega (science now know that this whole Q10-thing is pretty much nonsense) and is supposed to make your skin smooth, moisturized and glowy.
Well, it is not organic, pretty much chemical actually, but it does its job. During the residence time of 15 minutes my skin started to prickle a tiny but, but my skin didn't get red or anything.
After I took off the rest (wasn't much left, my skin soaked up almost everything) my skin looked healthy, soft and radiant. The morning after my skin still looked very good, moisturized and firm. Thumbs up so far.

You get 50 ml for 1,65 €

3. Alverde Cream Blush in "nordic rose"

I love this blush! It's a light cold rose-pink with real rosenquartz-powder. It is organic (like every Alverde product) and I think it is even vegan. It is the perfect tone to make my skin look like I've just pinched my cheeks or been outside in the cold. Since the blush is very soft and creamy the blending is very easy and the colour lasts for a really long time.
Here is a closer look on the blush (in real life it is slightley brighter).
Quelle: katinkarosenrotsfairyland.blogspot.com

I can't remember what I paid for it, but I think it was not more than 2,50-3,00 €.

Do you know these products? How do you like them?


  1. Huhu

    ist der Alverde Blush im normalen Sortiment?
    Die Farbe gfeält mir total gut :)

  2. Hallo Pastellfee,

    ja, ist er. In meinem Budni gibt es wirklich nur ein winziges Standardsortiment, die LEs kommen bei mir garnicht an. Also sollte der Blush wirklich überall zu bekommen sein.

    Dein Foto ist auch endlich in Arbeit;-) Ich habe schon ein furchtbar schlechtes Gewissen. Bin heute den ersten Tag wirklich zuhause und muss eigentlich endlich meine FA anfangen^^

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Dankeschön!
    dann werd ich mich mal bei Alverde umsehen ;) muss aber erst noch andere Blushs aufbrauchen -.-

    lass dir noch ruhig Zeit wegen der Sachen, ich bin momentan auch sehr im Prüfungsstress und hab erst am 12.2. wieder Ruhe :)

  4. danke für die alverde blush empfehlung! ich nehm ja cremeblush immer als lippenstift und er ist super!


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