Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Tasty smoothie everyone?

Okay, the pic is not the bomb and it doesn't like look it just came out of a cook book. But believe me: Never judge a book by its cover;-)

I love fresh-made juices and smoothies. Hadn't used my kitchen machine since ages, but two weeks ago I was sick of buying these over-priced convenience smoothies with too much sugar. So I got myself a bunch of oranges, two bananas and a hint of "mood for experimenting".
Actually I don't like pure bananas. I used to spat them out as a baby and I still can't stand the way how they become more and more in your mouth. But I like bananas in joghurts f.e. and they give your smoothie the "smooth". Without them it would just be a juice.If you do not like bananas (what I could totally understand!) use joghurt or some kind of milk to make it more creamy.

Smoothies are perfect for beginners. It is so so easy and it always tastes incredible good. Plus they are full of vitamins and all the healthy stuff we want to have in our body. Just make sure that you drink it during the first 10 minutes after making it. After this time the Vitamin C starts to oxidize and it won't be usefull for your body afterwards!

You can throw in whatever you like. I started with two oranges, half of a banana and some apple-mango-puree (I got mine from Rossmann for about 2€. It's really cheap, since you just need 1-2 tablespoons). If you like it less sour and more sweet add maple sirup or agave nectar (both available at Rossmann or dm/Budni aswell). 

I've been a sucker for blood oranges lately. A colleague brought some things called "halfblood oranges" (how potter-esque is THAT!) with her and they were SO tasty.
So I started to add a blood orange to the smoothies and it is amazing. Really. 
My bro had a sore throat, a tough cold and a little fever and he came to visit me a few times while he was ill. The next day I woke up realizing that I had a little running nose myself. This is definitely not the time to become ill for me, so I started to drink a smoothie once a day. And guess what: I didn't become ill. The  (really very tiny) cold was gone in two days.Thanks to the vitamin-goddess!

Have fun and enjoy your smoothie!

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